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16 October 2013
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16 October 2013, Comments: 0

Our profiling services help individuals and businesses. Individuals learn how to unleash their potential. Businesses increase performance, productivity and profits.

We offer two profiling services: DiSC and Talent Dynamics.

Discover an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. How do people fit within a team? Understand how different profiles react in different situations. Learn where to best place them to achieve their full potential.

Some colleagues may struggle to work alongside others. Profiling helps people learn how to communicate better. It improves understanding to enable them to work together more easily. This benefits individuals and businesses alike.

How does one person’s job seem a walk in the park, when another really struggles? Profiling highlights individual strengths. It enables team members to interact well. Placing people in the position best suited for them benefits everyone.

Recruiting? Before you engage a candidate, allow them to take a profile test. Discover if they are the best person for that job. Profiling is far less expensive than employing the wrong person.

Recruitment agencies can benefit by placing the right person in the right position, time and time again.

Considering staff promotions or changes to roles? Discover where individuals can unleash their potential.

Scenario: A brilliant employee was promoted. They began to really struggle. What went wrong? They were an excellent communicator. They excelled at providing information? They looked after your most valued customers. Once promoted into a sales role they struggled. They had difficulty networking. They were unable to grow your contact base or win new business.

Why? Although good communicators this does not make them sales people. Discover why they are not the best profile to be your front man.

Each individual has his own talents and strengths. Each profile shines in its own particular area. Learn how to harness these differences. Discover how to place different profiles together to achieve results.

A workforce who are all “in flow” will achieve! They will co-operate, communicate and understand each other better. They will produce more ideas and the business productivity and profits will increase.

Discover more on our website. For profile testing, see our Training section: http://greatermanchestermediation.com/services/training/

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