The Initial "MIAMS" meeting

The initial meeting is called a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting, or “MIAMS” for short.  Job ApplicationAt this meeting:

a)  we help you consider your options and discover the benefits and cost savings when you choose mediation to resolve your issues.

b) we will find out what you wish to resolve, and ensure your matter is suitable for mediation.

Once you have both completed a MIAMS meeting, you choose whether or not to proceed to mediation.

By attending, we can provide you with the required Certificate to enable you to issue court proceedings.  If your matter goes to Court, it is now required to show you have seen a Mediator first.

Keep control and don’t take a chance with your future!

By reaching an agreement through mediation, you keep control over the issues you discuss and agreements you reach.  You both achieve a “win” result!

The nature of the legal process is to fight, with no guarantee of the outcome: who will win, who will lose?   At Court, a Judge makes a decision for you!


Step 1  Attend Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. Mediator considers suitability for mediation and options with client.

Step 2 (a)      If the matter is unsuitable for mediation, mediation cannot proceed. Clients will be provided with confirmation they have attended a MIAM’s to prove to the Court they have considered mediation. Clients will then need to seek legal advice from Solicitors on a private paying basis or self-represent their case in court.

Step 2 (b)    If clients wish to proceed with mediation, appointments will be made with the Mediator. Private fees will be payable for the sessions. The average mediation takes 3 sessions, however many matters are resolved more quickly.

Step 3      At the conclusion of mediation, the Mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding identifying the proposals and wishes  of the parties reached in mediation. This will be forwarded to clients and their Solicitors to be implemented and made legally binding, on either a private paying or Help with Mediation basis.