Property & Finance

Family home & debtsYour living arrangements and finances can be a real problem after a separation. Worrying about who is going to live where and how your money is going to stretch to cover two households is very stressful and can add to the emotional upheaval.

Mediation can help you and your partner reach agreements about money, spousal maintenance, the division of any assets/property you may have, and how you can deal with pensions and inheritance. We can also help you sort out joint liabilities, such as finance agreements, overdrafts and jointly owned credit cards so they become individual responsibilities.

Where children are involved, we can help you to agree an affordable level of maintenance for them – looking after the interests of the children whilst taking into account the overall financial picture of both parents.

Mediation brings you and your partner together, when you are ready, in face to face discussions to help you agree on arrangements for your future. Our experienced mediators are trained to help you start communicating again, help you put your feelings aside and focus on the practical issues that need to be sorted out. We will help you agree a financial settlement which is realistic and enables you both to address your needs and income for your future.

Our mediators are trained to ensure you address all issues relevant to achieve an agreement. We will work with solicitors when required, to comply with document disclosure which is fundamental to achieving a Consent order. In our role of impartial facilitator we cannot give you specific legal advice; however we will provide you with lots of information about how the law works when couples separate.