Parent Contact

Direct Consultation with children iStock_000001734061 smaller2. jpgYou’ll have to try and decide who your children are going to live with. You may have a very clear idea of who this should be, but if you both want to look after the children, it can be very difficult to reach an agreement and when agreement is difficult, it is easy to overlook your children’s needs.

Both of you will probably be worried about what will happen to your relationship with your children if they don’t live with you. To protect that relationship it is helpful if you can put your own concerns aside and focus all of your attention on what’s best for your children.

If your children won’t be living with you, you’ll have to work out when and where you’re going to see them, or how you can stay in touch with them in other ways, like phone calls, letters and presents.

You will also need to figure out how you are going to divide up the cost of bringing up your children between you. All parents (either by birth or adoption) are financially responsible for their children.

Families separating can cause children to lose contact with important adults and role models who previously to the separation were an important feature of the children’s life.

Children often feel that they do not have a voice when faced with change following their parent’s separation. Direct Consultation with children, often empowers children, and they are more accepting of the decisions being made if they are entitled to have a voice in the mediation. Please contact us for more information.