Mediation with Children

Family Mediation MAIN pageIn Mediation, matters concerning children of the family can be dealt with in a number of ways best suited to your child’s individual needs. Our mediators will discuss with you the various options open to you, so you can decide the best way forward.

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are the biological parents, adopted parents, step-families, in a same gender relationship, grandparents, guardians etc. where you have had care and control of a child, you are going to be concerned about their future wellbeing and this can include the cost of raising the children (maintenance) and where they are going to live.

When a relationship ends where children are involved, the fall-out can have traumatic and potentially damaging effects on you, your children and your immediate family (e.g. grandparents and other family members).

During the separation process the turmoil surrounding the custody of your children can cause conflict and hostility between adults, and can lead to children feeling confused and angry.
We are here to help you agree on arrangements for looking after and seeing your children. Our friendly and informal approach will help you to see beyond the immediate pain and worry, and help you to agree on one of the most important decisions you will have to make – what is best for your children.