Family Mediation

Are you: No longer living together? Separated? Divorced? Worried, upset, wondering what is next

Is it: Difficult to talk to your ex partner? Hard to find solutions?

Do you need to: Make arrangements for your children? Work out money and property issues?

These concerns are not uncommon. When a relationship ends the effects to you, your partner and your children can be devastating. The burden of potentially lengthy battles between solicitors only prolongs the agony.

Unfortunately litigation as a means of settling divorce and separations often intensifies them. Direct communication between you can stop and it seems ages before you know what is happening. The children are confused and unhappy and you are just plain miserable.

Mediation Can Help You Find Solutions

Help with divorce & Separation Agreement & Consent OrderMediation can help you and your partner reach agreements about money, property and/or your children when you separate, in a timely, cost-effective way, without the need to go to Court.

Initial meetings are held separately, which allows us to understand how you feel about your situation and the effect it is having on you. When the time is right and only if you are comfortable with the prospect, we bring you and your partner together in a joint meeting. During that meeting you both have the chance to discuss how you feel, without interruption or arguments.

All matters which are specifically relevant to you are discussed in the presence of one of our Mediators, who will help you consider all the options and explore ways of reaching agreements. We will ensure that any proposals put forward are realistic and acceptable to both of you.

Mediation can also help extended family issues, such as when grandparents or other family members wish to agree arrangements for looking after and seeing children.