Cohabitation Problems

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If you have problems surrounding the break up of your relationship with a cohabitation partner, we can help you resolve these problems through mediation.

The law treats unmarried partners very differently to those who have married, and as mediators we can provide you with the necessary legal information, to help you understand how the law works, so you can reach an agreement which is fair to you both, whilst at the same time, ensure you understand how you can protect your interests including your financial assets.

If you and your partner have children, we can help you mediate agreements which are in the best interests of the children, whilst helping you maintain your relationship as a parent with them.

Cohabitation Agreements

In order to avoid many of the problems which arise on the break-up of cohabitation, we can help you agree a cohabitation agreement which records your intentions about your assets and how they should be divided in the unfortunate event of the relationship ending.