Light in distance Railway line ForestAs a mediation practice, committed to helping you find the best way of dealing with the issues you are facing, we are able to offer you coaching sessions to assist you in achieving your goals.

These may involve you wanting help in problem solving, addressing certain specific challenges, enhancing your communication skills, or simply to help you improve your focus.

Coaching can give you the support and assistance you need to ensure that a successful outcome in relation to your personal and business lives becomes much more achievable.

Our coaches are specially trained to deal with the challenges you might face following a relationship breakdown, either in your personal family relationships or in the work environment.

As a manager you may be faced with challenges of how to motivate your team, or how to be an effective leader. Our coaching program is efficient and effective, and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Divorce Coaching/ Parent Coaching

Coaching helps us provide you with many life enhancing tools and skills, at a time when you may be feeling vulnerable and emotional and not sure which way to go.

These will assist you in:

  • – Improved decision making
  • – Improved self confidence
  • – Enhanced mental fitness
  • – Communicating much more effectively
  • – Getting more done in less time
  • – Freedom and control over your future
  • – More energy
  • – Increased self control including effective date management
  • – Enhanced ability to prevent/manage day to day hassles and friction thereby reducing stress
  • – A stable managed reserve of money and a substantial increase in a quality of life


Executive Coaching & Training In The Work Place

We understand how important it is for senior managers and leaders to be given the space and the right support to develop their ideas, challenge their thinking and unlock their full potential.

In addition to this it is important that the relationship between senior managers and the workforce are maintained at the most effective and productive levels.

It is important for the senior managers and leaders to have the skills to deal with the everyday problems which can impinge on people’s ability to carry out their duties, achieve job satisfaction, avoid stress and avoid absenteeism and illness from every day issues such as bullying, harassment and grievance procedures.

We have the people who not only assist your organisation and top people to attain intense clarity about where they are going and what they want to achieve but also very importantly keep them on track so that they take the right action that ensure the right consistent results.

We can provide a training programme designed to assist your top people in learning skills which can diffuse potentially very difficult situations and avoid complaints being issued with the negative aspect of having one of your employees decide to take a complaint to a tribunal which can then lose 13 days of human resources, including costly legal fees.


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