Amicable Divorce & Separation By Mediation

Strolling in the ParkWe have a team of experienced and well established Solicitor Mediators able to assist you in your separation and divorce, dealing where necessary with children, contact, residency and parenting issues, together with separation of assets, finances and debt matters.

We specialise in helping clients achieve an amicable divorce by reaching a fair agreement and avoiding court. We offer joint or separate appointments as appropriate.

You control the pace, outcome and time frame of reaching an agreement.

Communication between you, the separating couple and your children is maintained or restored. This helps you decide on your future and preserve communication to enable satisfactory agreements to be reached.

We can meet with your children to give them a voice if you wish or to allow them to be able to talk to someone privately, just as you have someone to talk to. Direct consultation with a child is completely private and we only report back to the parents what the child wishes us to.

We also offer additional coaching services to help clients deal with the emotional issues of separation and divorce to help you face the future with confidence and hope.

We have links with debt and other experts who can assist you where necessary.

Differences between legal and mediated cases:-

Legal costs: £5,000.00 + each party
Mediated cases: Usually less than £1,000.00 each party.