Mediation is an effective alternative to resolving disputes, now recognised and encouraged by the courts as a very practical way of dealing with disputes which is beneficial to you on all levels.

It is a process where an independent facilitator, the mediator, helps you reach agreement and finality in a dispute in a confidential and safe environment.

Our mediation rooms are relaxed and informal, our welcome friendly, and the language we use straightforward.

The Benefits Of Mediation

In family situations, your children’s future is being planned by the people who know them best – you, rather than a court.

It is generally much quicker than going to Court and helps you to communicate and co-operate to reach your own agreement.

You remain in control of the outcome. It’s voluntary, not compulsory.

Generally it is confidential, unless someone is at risk or has infringed the Proceeds of Crime Act, or the mediator is asked by the Court to mediate.

You decide what will work in your situation. It can only make progress by being fair to you both.

Mediation focuses on the future, not the past, and so frees you from lengthy legal proceedings.

It is significantly more cost effective than legal proceedings. No one loses and both of you gain once agreement is reached.

Allows you to deal with emotions which are painful to you and move on with your lives.

Mediation can be used in a number of different contexts

We are able to offer you experienced Mediators who work in the following areas:

Family/co-habitee/civil partnership disputes involving children, property and finance.

Workplace disagreements where there may be grievances, such as bullying, harassment or any other work related disagreement

Commercial disagreements where there may be breach of contract issues, compensation issues and/or financial issues.

We are often approached to mediate cases where the Court has directed the parties to mediation.

Our mediators are able to deal with a specific issue within main proceedings, or mediate the entire issues. The choice is yours.