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You will find the resources on this page very diverse and informative.
Our intention is to provide you with a variety of information, so you can then view the information which is the most meaningful for you.

Please use the link to Referral Forms to contact us for mediation.

The Legal Aid calculator is a quick and easy way of finding out if you may be eligible for Legal Aid. You are advised to bring a copy of the calculation to your first appointment together with the documents we need to see, to verify the position and where eligible to sign you up to Legal Aid.

The MOJ website provides you with information and links relevant to our English Legal Justice system.

The videos we have selected include some of our own, which are informative about the mediation process, together with other videos we believe offer a helpful message.

The books are again very informative about the mediation process and cover all aspects of mediation. We have found these very valuable resources to help our clients considering or engaged in the mediation process.

The Utility Warehouse link is about helping you consider options which may save you money on your utility bills, or even offer you a business opportunity where your personal and family circumstances only permit you to dedicate a few hours to a new venture.

The Lifestyle link to Juice Plus is about helping you do everything you possibly can to help you maintain good health. Juice Plus provides an easy way to receive all the benefits, vitamins and minerals found in 26 different varieties of fruit and vegetables. The research shows that as a nation we do not eat enough fruit and vegetables daily, (and certainly not 26 different varieties!). In addition, the food we do eat has often been stripped of its goodness by the cooking methods we adopt, or the distance it has had to travel to our supermarkets and greengrocers.

Useful Links

Child Maintenance calculator and information: 

Child Contact Centres:

Women’s Aid:

Families need fathers:

Citizens Advice Bureaus:

Domestic Violence:

Gingerbread – supporting parents and families:

Counselling Directory: