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26 June 2013
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26 June 2013, Comments: 0

Bernadette trained in Commercial and Workplace mediation in 2000. Since then she has handled many sensitive partnership dissolution disputes and disputes at board level in both the public and private sector, helping the parties achieve a resolution avoiding Court or Tribunal proceedings.

In addition Bernadette is skilled in helping businesses and employees, at all levels, to resolve workplace disputes, rievances and disputes in the workplace have a damaging effect on the morale and productivity of a team, often resulting in stress related absence from the workplace. For the organisation, lack of trust within a team has a direct effect on its profitability, and this is further compounded by the costs of working through an investigation, grievance and/or Tribunal matter.

Workplace mediation enables the issues to be resolved quickly and effectively without losing valuable members of staff or incurring costly legal fees.

Bernadette provides a pragmatic and commonsense approach to resolving workplace disputes, helping colleagues and teams resolve issues and identify positive ways of moving forward.
All mediations are carried out in a friendly, confidential and informal environment.

Contact E: T: 0161 975 0708

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