Why should I attend when it was my ex’s idea?

11 September 2013
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11 September 2013, Comments: 0

Why should I attend when it was my ex’s idea?

Even though your partner may have suggested mediation, it may be a good idea after all!

Attending, ensures you have received the same information as your ex-partner. You can discover what your options are, and the benefits of mediation.

Some clients initially dismiss the thought of attending, because mediation has been suggested by their ex-partner.

They have indicated they felt instantly at a disadvantage at having been invited by their ex. They  mistakenly believe we would take their ex-partner’s side, as they initiated mediation. This is of course not true.  As Mediators we do not take sides.

On occasions, the invitation to mediation may have come as a complete shock. There may have been no suggestion or warning.

Clients sometimes feel their ex-partner is “pulling their strings” by pushing them to attend. The same could be said if legal proceedings are issued, as you are then pushed into legal or court proceedings.

However, separating and divorcing couples are now urged to consider mediation as an alternative. Mediation is seen as a better way of resolving disputes.

It does not matter who contacts us first or from whom we receive the referral to mediation. We do not take sides and you will both be treated equally!

You may be unaware that mediation is being encouraged by the Courts. If court proceedings commence, you will be required to prove you have considered mediation first. To do this, you need to produce an FM1 Certificate. We can provide this to you, once we have met with you. If the matter reaches Court, a Judge can also ask you to try to resolve your issues through mediation.

Mediation is different to the traditional legal process.

We take into account what both of you want, and the proposals put forward are explored and considered with you both. We ensure these proposals are workable and affordable to both of you. You make the choices and reach your own decisions.

We help you reach a fair agreement so you both achieve a “win – win” result.



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