What issues can be discussed in family mediation?

26 September 2013
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26 September 2013, Comments: 0

What issues can be discussed in family mediation?

Family Mediation usually involves discussing issues surrounding a family breakdown, such as separation and divorce issues, children matters, property and financial issues.

Children issues can comprise of the following:

  • Where and with whom the children are to live.
  • Contact arrangements, to spend time with their other parent. These can include special events, birthdays, holidays, religious occasions and family events.
  • Parenting arrangements can be considered.  Information sharing regarding schooling, medical appointments or concerns can be discussed.  We also ask you to consider your children’s hobbies, events and social arrangements.
  • Maintenance provisions.  Providing financially for your children.
  • Additional contact arrangements for grand-parents and other family members.  This can also include step-family members, relatives and new partners.
  • How to tell your children you are separating or divorcing.  We help you consider how, and when you may wish to explain this to your children.  They may need to be re-assured that you both still love them, but will now be living apart.


Property & Financial issues can be discussed such as:-

  • Division of the family home.  Consider whether a financial interest is to be retained by the either party. Is the family home or other property to be sold? Where will you live?
  • Division of finances.  This can include bank accounts, savings, pensions and redundancy payments.  In addition, shares and inheritance will also be considered.
  • Division and repayment of debts and outstanding mortgages.
  • Division of other assets such as second homes, holiday homes, caravans or boats.  You may also have other vehicles, antiques and collections.
  • Share or sale of a family business or an interest in the same.


Divorce and separation:-

  • Mediation can help parties decide upon how they wish to deal with their separation or divorce. You may need to consider when to separate.  Who will commence proceedings?  What about the costs involved?
  • You may also wish to decide whether the separation is to be recorded formally in a legal document prior to obtaining a divorce.
  • In addition, new living arrangements, interim separation of finances and assets can be discussed.  You consider your options and agree solutions prior to making a final agreement.


Direct Consultation with Children

  • Bernadette Willems is a Family Mediator trained to directly consult with children within mediation. This process gives children the opportunity to speak in confidence to a Mediator. They can express any concerns or views they may have.  They may feel unable to share these with their parents for fear of upsetting either of them.
  • Before Direct Consultation commences, both parents are required to meet with the Mediator.  They will learn fully how this process works. They will also need to give their consent to the Mediator meeting with the child or children.


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