What happens when you don't want to attend mediation?

16 September 2013
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16 September 2013, Comments: 0

What happens when you don’t want to attend mediation?

We respect your decision and that’s entirely your choice.

We would however urge you to reconsider, for the reasons indicated below.

The courts are now encouraging parties to attend mediation.  You are required to attend, if your matter proceeds through court to obtain an FM1 Certificate.  We can provide you with the required FM1 Certificate once you have attended.   This certificate proves you have first considered mediation, before proceeding through court.

Attending a *MIAM appointment does not commit you to anything. *MIAM means Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. More information about MIAM is available at: http://greatermanchestermediation.com/services/your-initial-meeting/

If you reconsider, it will take only a little of your time to find out more about mediation. You can discover how mediation can help you both, what your options are and what issues you may each wish to resolve.

If you qualify for Legal Aid, this appointment and your subsequent mediation costs will be FREE of charge. Legal Aid is still available when you mediate!

If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, the cost of mediation is considerably cheaper than traditional legal and court costs. You retain more fees for the benefit of yourself and your family. Please see our fees page for more information about our costs: http://greatermanchestermediation.com/our-fees/

Commencing mediation is an option available to you.

You do not have to proceed. If you both do choose to proceed, we can help you reach a fair solution, resulting in a win outcome for both of you.

What happens if you have considered the above, and still do not wish to attend? You may choose to litigate, or you may find you are forced into a legal battle.

The courts can refer clients back to mediation, even when court proceedings have commenced.

Alternatively, you may at a later stage wish to reconsider mediation.

We would be happy to assist you, if you are willing to participate and engage in the mediation process.


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