What happens if mediation breaks down?

2 September 2013
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2 September 2013, Comments: 0

What happens if mediation breaks down, clients often ask.   Clients sometimes worry that should mediation break down, they could end up wasting a considerable amount of both time and money, especially when they may be paying private fees. They may be concerned their ex-partner is not as committed to mediation as they are, or perhaps their ex-partner may not fully embrace the mediation process.

Clients have occasionally commented that they feel their ex-partner will agree to something in mediation, but then go back on this agreement once they have left the meeting.  Whilst we cannot give you any guarantee of the outcome you ultimately both work to reach, nor can a legal fight guarantee an outcome that you may seek.

However, with both your commitment and willingness to resolve your matters through the mediation process, we will help you to reach an agreement, and one that is fair to both of you.

On occasions, it may not be possible to reach a full agreement on all of your issues.  If this should be the case, mediation can however have helped to narrow the gap between you. Therefore, should you need to take the remainder of your issues to a Solicitor and/or Court, clients have often found that mediation has lessened their legal expenses considerably, by having already reached some agreements already through the mediation process.

Client feedback has also shown that after attending mediation, the communication between clients has been significantly improved.  Whilst this is helpful should you need to have any future discussions with one another, this is especially beneficial where you need to be able to talk to one another about your children.   In some cases clients have found that their communication has been restored to a level where they have been able to finalise their remaining issues directly between themselves.


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