What does the Mediator do in a mediation session?

30 September 2013
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30 September 2013, Comments: 0

What does the Mediator do in a mediation session?

The Mediator manages the mediation process, to enable you to make all the decisions.

The Mediator does not take sides and remains completely impartial. You decide on the outcome best suited to both of you.

We understand the difficult emotions involved within a family breakdown.  We can help you find a way to communicate better.  This enables you to have those important discussions to reach an agreement.  Mediation helps to improve communication between you so you can resolve your issues.  Improved communication is especially beneficial, for the sake of your children.

You decide on the issues you wish to discuss with one another.  The Mediator helps you to consider all your options.  You are then best placed to reach solutions which are acceptable to both of you.  We help you reach a joint decision, one that suits both your individual needs.

Information and details are gathered from both of you, and displayed on a flip chart.  This helps you both to see the whole picture clearly before making a decision.  You have the opportunity to say what outcome you are each seeking. Proposals are noted and discussed with you both. The Mediator can suggest options you may not have considered. This can often help you in resolving your issues.

To assist you in considering whether your proposals are achievable, the Mediator will carry out reality checks.

If it is required, the Mediator may suggest you seek legal or other assistance.  We can signpost you to a variety of experts for example an independent financial advisor.

Once proposals are reached, a Memorandum of Understanding is prepared.  This document details the proposals you have both reached within mediation.  You may then ask your Solicitor to convert this into a legally binding agreement.

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