Lawyer Supported Mediation

14 November 2013
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14 November 2013, Comments: 0

Lawyer Supported Mediation is a fresh new approach to helping couples resolve their family related issues.

Greater Manchester Mediation Limited works alongside Solicitors within the Lawyer Supported Mediation network. Clients benefit from having a combined team of two independent professional experts.  Your Mediator and Lawyer will support and guide you through your divorce or separation, and related financial and children issues.

Our very experienced and professional Mediators help you reach solutions, fair to both of you.  They will assist you in resolving your issues, without a legal battle.  You also have the benefit of legal support through Lawyer Supported Mediation. Your Solicitor will provide you with legal advice throughout the mediation.  The proposal you reach within mediation can then be made legally binding through your Solicitor.

Fees are outlined and agreed at the outset.  You will each pay your own mediation fees, and those of your Solicitor separately. By working together with both experts, you actually save time and costs.  You also save on expensive legal fees and avoid a court battle.

How do I engage my ex in Lawyer Supported Mediation?

As both parties are required to take part, Advantage Resolution Ltd, founder of Lawyer Supported Mediation, will act as your professional go-between. They can liaise with your ex-partner, if required, to ascertain whether they are willing to participate. There is no cost to you for this service.

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Contact Lawyer Supported Mediation on 033 0223 1188.  The first consultation with your Lawyer is FREE to both of you.

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