If I want Legal Aid, why do I need to attend mediation?

4 September 2013
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4 September 2013, Comments: 0

If I want Legal Aid, why do I need to attend mediation?

This is because Legal Aid is no longer available via Solicitors, for the majority of family matters, (except for some specific exceptions).

Legal Aid, however is still available, when you mediate.

The Mediator can assess you to see if you qualify for Legal Aid. We will require you to provide us with specific documents, within a specific date period.

If the Mediator advises you that you do qualify for Legal Aid, and you proceed with mediation, then you are also entitled to some free advice and assistance from your Solicitor.

We can then provide your Solicitor with the necessary paperwork they need to be able to claim their own fees from Legal Aid. You will however need to attend mediation first.

If you are legally aided, don’t forget your mediation costs will be completely free of charge.

By resolving your issues through mediation, you can have the support from both a Mediator and a Solicitor.

Your Solicitor may have referred you to our mediation service, or you may have contacted us directly. Either way, this referral to mediation introduces you to the mediation process. It also gives you the opportunity to consider another way of resolving issues, which you may not have previously been aware of.

At this meeting we will explain your options.  We provide you with information about our mediation service and the other routes you may wish to consider.  We can help you decide on the best option for you, and how best to proceed.   If mediation is to proceed, where appropriate, it may be possible to start the mediation process at this meeting.   Alternatively, a further appointment will be made to to commence mediation.

Mediation gives you a choice of resolving issues in a way that is fair to you both, whilst avoiding court.

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