How to mediate when one party feels unable to talk with their ex?

23 September 2013
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23 September 2013, Comments: 0

How to mediate when one party feels unable to talk with their ex?

Often clients often feel unable to contemplate the thought of sitting with their ex-partner to discuss their issues.  This may be for a variety of reasons:

a) fear of trying mediation, an unknown and newer way of resolving matters

b) belief that a legal battle, the traditional way, is the only or best route,

c) feeling uncomfortable, especially if they have not seen or spoken to an ex-partner for quite some time

d) fear of discussions ending up in an argument

e) feel unable to speak out, especially if an ex-partner is domineering or intimidating

f) a belief that mediation will not help, especially if they have been unable to sort things out directly between themselves.

g) perhaps a real fear for their own safety.

h) they may feel they have been pressurised into attending by the other party.

i) a reluctance to accept the relationship has broken down.

Our Mediators are able to help you both, even if you or your ex-partner have one or more of these fears.

Initially, you may wish to attend alone so that you have an opportunity to discuss your concerns with the Mediator.  You can then also find out how mediation works, and how it can help you both find solutions.

Even in the most difficult of situations, where clients feel communication has completely broken down, our Mediators have helped clients resolve their issues.

Clients have commented they felt better talking to their ex-partner when an independent Mediator was present. They felt better able to discuss proposals in a fair and amicable way, when in a neutral and informal environment.

We offer additional divorce coaching services, to help you through this difficult time.  See our coaching page for further information:


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