DIY Divorces - What could possibly go wrong?

12 November 2013
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12 November 2013, Comments: 0

DIY Divorces – What could go wrong?

This following link is to an article is Don Sinkov. It highlights one of the dangers of sorting out your divorce yourselves.

One of the dangers of DIY divorces is presumption. Others are misunderstanding and lack of awareness or forethought. Presuming someone won’t be affected is wrong. Being unaware of what may legally change, could be a perilous.

When parties separate, this is a very difficult and emotional time. One of the main concerns will be money. How much will a divorce cost? How can I re-house myself? How will I manage financially?

Clients naturally want to save on expensive legal fees. Unwisely for some, they may choose to deal with their divorce themselves. This can be very dangerous if financial implications have not been considered.

This article demonstrates one such example. A client wrongly thought she would remain a beneficiary of her husband’s pension. Upon his death, she discovered she was entitled to nothing. To her detriment, she found this out too late. They had divorced, without any provision being made for her, legally.

There are other financial issues to consider when splitting up. The date you separate has a bearing on some of your future financial agreements. You may never have been divorced before. How then would you know what you need to consider? How would you know what impact your decisions could have on your future?

Our mediation services can help you consider all these options and more. You can save on expensive legal bills and avoid court. We help you to do it yourself.

We give you the guidance you need. We explain the impact the law has on your separation or divorce. We help you both to consider proposals for your new futures. We ensure you have considered whether you can afford to agree to proposals.

Consider everything carefully, before you divorce. You may be unable to go back and re-negotiate. This could be devastating and detrimental to your future.

Think carefully, before you consider a DIY divorce, and before it is finalised.

Our Lawyer Mediators can help you avoid DIY divorce pitfalls.


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