6 November 2013
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6 November 2013, Comments: 0

Bullying, no matter where it takes place, is not acceptable. If you are being bullied, don’t suffer in silence. In order for bullying to stop, it must be dealt with.

Within the workplace, bullying and harassment can be threatening, offensive, frightening and intimidating. It can take on many forms: the use of certain words, criticism, rumours or hurtful actions. Exclusion, humiliation, threatening behavior, over-work or sabotage of work are also forms of bullying. Any one or more of these can be just as damaging to the person being bullied.

With today’s technology, texts, calls, voicemails, tweets, messages, social networking etc. can be sent and accessed at anytime, anywhere. Bullying of this type can appear to follow you around, and never leave you alone.

The person suffering at the hands of the bully can suffer both physically and emotionally as a result. This may be evident by a change in personality or marked absenteeism. They may become withdrawn, depressed, anxious or angry.

Why do people, who are otherwise sensible, and educated, choose to believe bullying is acceptable? Why do they resort to bullying to get what they want, or their own way?

Bullying can arise from someone thinking their own beliefs or feelings are more important, than the person’s they are bullying. We each have different views and beliefs, none of which are right or wrong. It is however wrong to impose these so strongly on someone else by bullying.

Whatever the cause, bullying is ugly and can be devastating.

The effects can be felt from the person being tormented, to their colleagues and the family around them.

Bullying can be frightening and embarrassing to the person being bullied and those who bear witness to it. Often people feel unable to speak out for fear of embarrassment, seeming weak, or reprisals.

Help is available!

Our Mediators are skilled in resolving issues in the workplace. Our Workplace Mediation and Coaching Services (not counselling) can support and empower you. Don’t suffer in silence, contact us for further information.

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