Coaching: is it for me and how can it help?

14 October 2013
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14 October 2013, Comments: 0

Coaching is a positive experienceIt is not therapy nor is it counselling.

Coaching enables you to view your future more confidently and take action where needed.

Coaching can be helpful in many situations and at different stages of your life.

How does coaching work?

  • Your Coach will meet with you and listen to what you say.
  • They may ask you some questions about your situation or concerns.  This enables them to consider your situation.
  • They will then work with you to assist you in finding your own solutions.
  • Your Coach will help to encourage you to move forward enabling you to make your own decisions.
  • They will not criticise you. They will not judge you because of your views, thoughts, lifestyle or decisions.

Divorce coaching

Separation and divorce can be a very painful and emotional time. You may be unable to focus on how to move forward.  You may fear the future. How do you create a new life for yourself? How do you manage finances?  How do you begin to make new friends? These are some of the concerns separating couples can face.  Divorce coaching can support you in creating a new and different future for yourself.  It can be very liberating to discover you may only have yourself to please. You may no longer need to compromise.

Personal coaching

You may be facing new challenges or a very emotional time in your life.  We can help you deal with personal problems which could be troubling you.  If you have low self esteem or lack confidence, we can help.  Is your situation affecting either your home or working life, or both?  Your concerns could be affecting your health.  We can help you to regain your confidence and self worth.

Team Coaching

We can assist in team building.  We help to motivate each member of the team.  We help to focus the team as a whole.  By finding solutions, your team can then reach their goals and targets.

You may also find our profiling services an enhancement to coaching sessions.


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