Bernadette Willems


I get up each morning to help people lead a better life and live a brighter future free from debilitating disputes.

I am certain that when I do that, I am helping to create a better world for all of us. And that is why I am so passionate about being able to make a difference in how people choose to communicate with each other.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a Family Solicitor, Mediator, Supervisor, Trainer and Coach, it means I have the skills needed to ensure that the settlements my clients reach in mediation are fair, practical and legally compliant. I head a team of highly competent lawyer mediators, all of whom are committed to help clients resolve Family, Workplace and Commercial disputes.

I use all of my communication skills to ensure that vulnerable and emotionally fragile clients feel heard and empowered and I address their highly personal and emotional issues with sensitivity and gentleness.

With the right help and coaching to remain focused on their goals, I strongly believe that clients are able to resolve disputes effectively and retain control of the outcome. By taking responsibility and accountability of the outcome reached they show respect both for themselves and the other people involved.

Many disputes or problems between individuals, in both personal or workplace relationships, or within teams are compounded or aggravated because clients do not understand each other or each other’s way of thinking. The amazing set of resources I use in my mediations and/or my training programmes are both life and personal development tools which are there for the clients to use beyond the mediation room in both their personal and work relationships and environment.

I am bi-lingual in French/English and able to mediate in both languages.’