About Us

I help you resolve your family and workplace disputes in the best way possible. Simple as that.

If you want to grow your business and be the best version of you, I’m your Business Peacemaker.

BMW photo August 2013I am committed to helping you live a life free from stress, overwhelm, frustration and debilitating disputes.

I serve people throughout the UK, particularly the North West, Greater Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire area and I am quick to respond to your needs. 

My name is Bernadette Willems, and I am the founder and Director of Greater Manchester Mediation Limited. I am a Lawyer mediator and was a Partner and Mediator in my own legal and mediation practice based in Stockport, Cheshire for over 20 years. I set up Greater Manchester Mediation Limited in 2010 to expand the range of services available to you.

To ensure the best possible service to you, and highest professional standards, I am an accredited member of organisations such as The Law Society, ADR Chambers, ADRg, FMA, Resolution (SFLA), MasterCoach and the Family Mediation Council.  I  undergo peer review, continuous training and development.

I am committed to helping you be free from the anxiety and burden of a personal or workplace relationship which is not working well. On a personal level, I help you resolve any relationship, family, separation or divorce issues. I do that in a way which gives you much more than a solution to the presenting problem. I provide you with life-enhancing tools and skills which mean you can look forward to a more settled and peaceful life, knowing you have the skills to enable you to manage any future interpersonal conflict.

Your Divorce Made Simple

If your relationship is on the verge of ending up in divorce or separation, or indeed if you have already separated but not been able to sort parenting or financial matters out between you, I am here to help you.

I am passionate about being able to make a difference in how people choose to communicate with each other ensuring that vulnerable and emotionally fragile clients feel heard and empowered. I am very driven to help people function at their best and find and utilise their natural skills for the benefit of the people around them and in their team. My motivation is to help people lead a better life and live a brighter future free from debilitating disputes thereby helping to create a better world for all of us.

Often, just having a conversation with a professional person who is well equipped and used to the issues you are facing helps you get a better perspective and idea of what you want to achieve and what you need to do.  As well as being a lawyer-mediator I am an experienced coach and have experience in both the personal and commercial problems people encounter.  I help people cope better with the changes that happen in life and relationships.

I am Your Business Peacemaker

I know what it’s like to wilt under the weight of a stressful, demanding job and my passion is to help provide clear direction and results for hundreds of clients in all different industries. I’m constantly striving to learn, grow, and express my highest talents in the world to help professionals succeed with confidence and joy.  I’m doing work that’s true for me…and based on the results my clients achieve, they are very happy with the results achieved!

What does this mean for you? I’ve been coaching for over 10 years. If we’re a fit to work together, this coaching is going to change your world in amazing ways!

If you’re looking for clear direction, more confidence, and a genuine expression of  YOU in your business, you’re in the right place. I have some great resources and coaching options for you.

If you are an employer who wishes to enhance your bottom line, build on your team relationships or repair damaged relationships to restore successful results and harmony in the workplace, then bespoke training is for you!

Many disputes or problems between individuals, in both personal or workplace relationships, or within teams are compounded or aggravated because clients do not understand each other or each other’s way of thinking. With the benefit of the resources I use — resources that my clients absolutely love, they are able to identify ways of building or maintaining Trust, and what keeps people happy, calm and grounded doing what they naturally love to do. The resources I use in my coaching, mediations and/or my training programmes are both life and personal development tools, which are there for the clients to use beyond the coaching, mediation and training room.

The benefits of utilising a workplace mediator is recognised nationally. Companies understand this helps them avoid expensive litigation, tribunals, publicity and inefficient use of HR staff. Employees have the opportunity to speak about any concerns they have without the fear that it will compromise their position in the organisation. We have found that early intervention in workplace disputes often stops the exodus of valuable employees.

What Is It Going To Cost You?

Only your time and a phone call to find out more!

I am aware that different situations require a different approach. With my skills and years of experience I can bring the necessary skills to the table, be they mediation, coaching or training, to help you achieve the best results for YOU! 

My approach is quick, efficient, effective, flexible, and discrete; and above all, has an enormous cost benefit in all cases.

And all it takes is a call to 0161 452 3738